SkyCaddie SX550

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How do you improve on the best handheld GPS rangefinder in golf? Easy, make it bigger, better and easier to use! If you are that golfer that needs accurate, no fuss yardages to all locations on the course, the Sky Caddie SX550 delivers just that. The SkyCaddie SX 550 is a premium handheld that provides clear and concise graphics and distances that you can trust from the moment you switch it on. See more, play faster and make better decisions under pressure.

With a larger 5.5” LCD high-definition capacitive colour touch screen to provide more viewing screen. The SX550 is driven by an ultra-fast multi-core processor for fast response. Only SkyCaddie walk each course to ground verify their course maps with sub-meter precision. You deserve the most complete course maps in golf, that is why Sky Caddie record thousands of points on each course. To play better golf you need to be able to trust your distance so you can trust the club on each shot. With a host of automated features such as auto-course selection, auto-hole advance and auto-zoom, making it basically ''touch-free''. The large HD display provides the best view of the most reliable information in the game.

SkyCaddie uses IntelliGreen technology and is another feature that demonstrates the advancements this premium handheld rangefinder provides. It automatically rotates to match your angle into the green, this makes for more accurate yardage. The powerful processor of the SX550 drives SkyCaddie’s all-new Dynamic HoleVu, which automatically re-orients the entire golf hole from your position to the green as you progress from the tee to the green, in addition to SkyCaddie’s patented IntelliGreen technology, golfers can now see the entire hole from their point-of-view

Don’t chance your shots, use reliable technology to help aid your decision-making and shoot lower rounds. The level of detail provided will make a new course seem like your local course and will ultimately aid you in making the perfect decision every time.

The SkyCaddie SX550 has a slim feel with a highly water-resistant design. With a large battery, it is ready for extended playing time if you fancy playing an extra 9, or even 18 more holes. Using multi-constellation navigation satellite systems, the SX550 provides enhanced accuracy and overall better performance under tough conditions or tree cover.

Eliminate those ugly 7's and 8's from your scorecard today with this amazing SkyCaddie SX550. If this doesn't shave a few shots off your scorecard, nothing will. See more, play faster and make better decisions.

Package includes SX550 micro USB cable, wall charger, quick start guide, warranty and license agreement.

  • large 5.5” LCD high-definition colour touch screen.
  • 720 X 1440 resolution.
  • Light, rugged & slim body design.
  • Ultra-fast multi-core processor for fast response.
  • Highly water-resistant (IPX7)
  • High-capacity rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
  • Gives 14 hours of continuous use.
  • Preloaded with over 35,000 of SkyGolf’s ground-verified, error-corrected maps.
  • Language: English.
  • Weight: Approximately 8 ounces (227 grams)
  • Size: 6.1″ x 3″ x 0.5″ inch (155.5 mm x 77 mm x 14 mm)
  • Colour: black. 

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SkyCaddie SX550 Specifications

Warranty:1 Year
Product Code:sx550