Winn Dri-Tac Lite M/Size Grips

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The new Winn Dri-Tac Lite midsize grip features WinnLite which reduces grip weight to improve club head feel, swing tempo and solid feel feedback. The Dri-Tac series is the tackiest feel ever, rain or shine, Dri-Tac delivers. At only 22 grams this is noticeably lightweight and combined with the luxury feel it gives a superb grip that is hard to beat. Winn invented multiple polymer compounds that are slip-resistant in all weather conditions These polymers are uniquely formulated to achieve a wide spectrum of firmnesses, textures, and weights. The perfect grip during all-weather play with the revolutionary Winn polymer material.

  • Grip size: midsize.
  • Tapered.
  • Dri-Tac technology.
  • Firmness: Medium.
  • Luxurious tacky feel.
  • All-weather playability.
  • Weight: 23g.
  • Core size: 0.600.
  • Colour: dark grey.