Golf umbrellas are an essential item for those committed to playing in all weather conditions. The best golf umbrellas can save the day when the rain pours, protecting both you and your clubs so you can perform to your best whatever the weather.

As with other items like golf shoes and gloves, these umbrellas come in an array of different styles, sizes, and colours to suit a variety of tastes and requirements.

But how do you decide on the best golf umbrella for you? With such a plethora of options available, finding the right umbrella to accompany you on the course can feel more challenging than it needs to.

Thankfully, Golfsupport is on hand to ensure you’re well equipped with all the information you need. In this guide, we’ll cover the main considerations when buying a golf umbrella so you can make an informed choice.

What are the benefits of having a golf umbrella?

Golf umbrellas are designed with the golf course in mind. Larger than standard umbrellas, golf umbrellas are designed to protect you from the weather conditions that can affect both your enjoyment and performance.

From shielding you from the rain when the heavens open to protecting you from sunburn in those scorching summer months, golf umbrellas can be your best friend on the course.

With their increased size, these umbrellas are designed to protect both you and your equipment. Not only will keeping your golf clubs dry prolong their shelf life, but it will also ensure your grip remains intact when taking that all-important first swing off the tee.

Additionally, these umbrellas are a lifesaver for those who’ve put time and money into looking their best on the course. If you’re one of the many players who’ve forked out on some stylish golf clothing, the last thing you want is to be soaked and dishevelled as you attempt to focus on your game.

For those using a golf trolley to carry their equipment, then purchasing an umbrella holder to attach to the trolley is an excellent way to ensure your equipment remains protected from the elements. Check out Golfsupport’s selection of umbrella holders on our golf trolley accessories page.

What is the difference between a golf umbrella and a normal umbrella?

The main difference between a golf umbrella and a standard umbrella can be found in the size.

A typical double canopy golf umbrella can be anything from 50 to 70 inches wide - more than double the size of a standard 25-inch umbrella. Because of this, golf umbrellas tend to be significantly heavier than standard umbrellas.

The best golf umbrellas are made with more premium material than their standard equivalents, with the frame usually designed using strong fibreglass or metal and the canopy made from waterproof materials like pongee fabric.

Golf umbrellas are also much stronger than regular umbrellas, with their robust designs intended to prevent the canopy from turning in the wind.

What size umbrella do I need?

Size matters when it comes to choosing the best golf umbrella for you. Fortunately, Golfsupport has umbrellas available in a range of sizes, to suit a variety of different needs.

As a rule, the bigger the umbrella, the greater the level of protection. Ideally, you should choose one that’s large enough to cover both you and your bag at once while not being too heavy to carry around the course. The golf umbrella size you require to do this will depend both on you and the size of your bag.

Purchasing a golf umbrella with a span of at least 60 inches should cover most golfers and their equipment. However, for those who prefer a smaller, lighter option, we have umbrellas available ranging from 54-58 inches.

Equally, for those looking to go big, we have a selection of excellent large golf umbrellas available from brands like Under Armour. These umbrellas come in sizes as wide as 68 inches and offer ultimate protection from the harsher elements.

What should I look for when buying a golf umbrella?

There are numerous factors to consider when deciding upon the best golf umbrella for you. Below, we’ll cover some of the main things to consider when making your decision.


Material is one of the key things that separates one golf umbrella from the next. With each material having its own characteristics, deciding on the right one for you will depend on your own priorities. The shaft on the best golf umbrellas tends to be made from either fibreglass or metal.


Fibreglass is a strong, durable, and light material that is perfectly suited for those long strolls around the green. The beauty of fibreglass is that it will flex during strong winds but won’t snap or shatter.

While the lighter feel makes it more comfortable to carry, this material is prone to moving during strong winds, which can compromise its water resistance when compared with more robust materials.

Steel and Metal

Steel and metal umbrellas are stronger, sturdier, and less likely to move than fibreglass umbrellas. While their robust nature maximises your protection, these types of umbrellas are heavier and more taxing to hold than their fibreglass equivalents.

Pongee Fabric

The most popular material used for the canopy in premium golf umbrellas is pongee fabric. While certain brands also use polyester or nylon, pongee fabric is an excellent choice because of its high resistance to water and UV rays.

Additionally, pongee fabric is more durable than nylon or other synthetic fabrics, which degrade faster when exposed to rain regularly.


Golf bags can get easily cluttered with clubs, head-covers, and other accessories. With bag space already at a premium, the last thing you want is an awkwardly designed umbrella taking up space and distracting you from your commute around the course.

For this reason, the best golf umbrellas should be designed to fit comfortably in your bag - whether in a designated compartment or alongside your clubs.

Alternatively, there are numerous golf bags on the market that have a sleeve or cord on the outside of the bag designed to hold an umbrella. This is a great feature even if you have enough bag space as it prevents you from having to put a rain-soaked umbrella in the bag with your clubs.

Value for Money

Like many sports, golf can be an expensive hobby. While a good umbrella is an important purchase for the regular golfer, you shouldn’t have to break the bank to stay dry while you play.

A good value golf umbrella will be one that’s made from durable material and is built to last. While some of the more premium options may be more expensive than your standard umbrella, the high-quality material used to make them means they’ll offer more longevity than your average design.

This means that they’ll quickly pay for themselves if you’re planning to play through the rain!

At Golfsupport, we have a wide selection of umbrellas from renowned brands like Callaway, Titleist, and Galvin Green available at exceptional prices.

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Final Thoughts

Just like with other golfing accessories, there are plenty of choices available when purchasing your golf umbrella. With so many excellent brands, styles, sizes, and colours available at Golfsupport, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.

We’re committed to providing only high-calibre equipment on our website. All our umbrellas are ones that we believe to be among the best available within their price range.

If you require any further assistance, then please do not hesitate to contact our team who would be delighted to help.