Golf trolleys are an important piece of equipment for players of all ages.

Once an item used primarily by elderly players, these trolleys are now widely used by golfers looking to reduce the physical strain of carrying their gear around the course. The best golf trolleys can enhance your enjoyment on the green, allowing you to conserve vital energy so you can perform at your best.

From manual push and pull trolleys to state-of-the-art electric battery-powered options, golf trolleys are available in a range of styles, brands, and prices. With so much choice on the market, deciding on the best golf trolley for you can feel confusing and overwhelming.

Thankfully, Golfsupport is here to provide you with all the information you need. In this guide, we’ll cover the main things to consider to help you find the perfect golf trolley to suit your requirements.

What are the benefits of using a golf trolley?

The popularity of golf trolleys is on the rise. A study conducted by Motocaddy predicted that trolley sales are likely to increase by 44% between 2020 and 2030.

There are multiple reasons for the increased popularity of golf trolleys. Anyone who’s lugged their equipment around an 18-holer on a scorching summer’s day will tell you just how taxing it can be. Carrying your golf bag around the course all day can be a long, arduous process that reduces your enjoyment on the course.

Not only does the strain of carrying your clubs affect your mood, but it can also impact your performance. While this may cause few problems at the start, the fatigue caused by the weight of your equipment will become more telling as you progress through the holes.

Investing in a golf trolley reduces the strain of playing golf and allows you to save your energy for what matters most - perfecting your swing and reducing your handicap!

In the same way that wearing a comfortable pair of golf shoes can aid your performance on the course, a high-end trolley can eliminate some of the obstacles preventing you from taking your best shot.

As well as eliminating short-term fatigue, golf trolleys can be key to avoiding prolonged injuries to your knees and back. Years of carrying heavy equipment and golf clothing can take their toll on your joints, with the threat of injury significantly increased if you’re a regular player.

On hotter days, these trolleys can also eliminate the inconvenience of having to carry food and drinks to keep you well-nourished and hydrated throughout your round. For the wetter months, attaching a golf umbrella to your trolley can be the perfect way to protect your gear from the elements.

The best golf trolleys allow you to focus on the pleasure of your hobby without having to endure the pain.

What are the different types of golf trolleys?

Broadly speaking, golf trolleys are divided into three categories: push, pull, and electric.

As is the case with most golf accessories, deciding on the best golf trolley for you will depend on your budget and personal requirements.

At Golfsupport we have a wide selection of push, pull, and electric trolleys available from renowned brands like Motocaddy and Powakaddy.

Below, we’ll cover each of the three trolley types in detail.

Push Trolleys

Push golf trolleys are a lighter and cheaper alternative to the more commonly used electric trolleys. These trolleys tend to be three-wheeled and need to be manually pushed in front of you as you move around the course.

Push trolleys are more common than two-wheeled pull trolleys due to their lighter feel and steadiness. There is also now the availability of four-wheeled push trolleys that offer even greater stability.

Many also come with convenient accessories, such as brakes to slow your trolley down or hold it while you take your shot.

As well as costing less to buy than their electric equivalents, push trolleys have no additional cost considerations for things like charging and battery replacement. Despite these benefits, their manual nature means they require significantly more effort to move around than electric models.

Even so, the best push trolleys can still be an excellent way to reduce the strain of carrying your gear around the course.

Pull Trolleys

Pull golf trolleys are one of the most economical options for carrying your golf clubs. Pull trolleys are manual pieces of equipment that are pulled behind you as you move from hole to hole.

Made with only two wheels, these trolleys have less stability than both push and electric trolleys, making them less appropriate for hilly golf courses. If, however, your preferred course is generally flat, then pull trolleys could be an affordable and convenient companion on the course.

Electric Trolleys

Electric or motorised golf trolleys are the most modern and convenient option for carrying your equipment.

These battery-powered trolleys have an inbuilt motor and can move without needing to be pushed or pulled. Instead, you control the movements of your electric trolley via an LED screen or remote control, allowing it to move alongside you as you stroll around the course.

Electric trolleys are the best option for those playing on hilly terrain. As they require you to neither carry equipment nor push or pull a trolley, they can be instrumental in preventing injury when playing on a less forgiving course.

The best electric golf trolleys come with additional features such as phone charging, GPS, and SMS connectivity.

Naturally, the advanced nature of electric trolleys makes them significantly more expensive than their manual counterparts. Thankfully, top brands like Powakaddy and Motocaddy have a range of electric trolleys to suit a variety of different budgets and requirements.

What should I look for in a golf trolley?

The best golf trolley for you can depend on several different factors. While for some golfers, a top-of-the-range electric option may be an essential piece of equipment, more casual players may be just as happy with a no-frills manual option.

With this in mind, we’ve covered a few key factors to consider when making your purchase.

Type of course and terrain

There are many different types of golf course terrain, with some being incredibly hilly and others relatively flat. The best golf trolley for you will depend on the types of courses you usually play on.

For those regularly playing on hilly, energy-expanding courses, a high-end electric trolley may be an excellent way to prevent injury and enhance your enjoyment on the course. This same equipment may be unnecessary, however, if you’re primarily playing on a flatter course, where a cheaper golf trolley may work just as well.

It’s equally important to consider your own physical condition when making your purchase. The difficulty of commuting around a course can vary from person to person, with everything from age, weight, and fitness playing a factor.

If you’re a golfer who regularly feels tired by the course commute, then going electric is a great way to prevent fatigue and reduce the threat of avoidable injuries that can take you off your game.

Battery power and performance

Electric trolleys can vary considerably based on the power and weight of their batteries.

Electric trolley batteries come in two different types: lithium and lead-acid. Lithium batteries typically add around 5 kg to your overall weight, whereas lead-acid batteries can add more than double this amount.

The power of a battery can differ from one trolley to the next, with some lasting one round of golf and others significantly longer. Lithium batteries are more expensive but tend to hold their charge for longer, whereas lead-acid batteries are larger and take significantly longer to charge.

For this reason, it’s worth finding out both the charge time and battery life of your trolley before making your purchase.


With more options available than ever before, there has never been a better time to invest in a golf trolley. We hope this guide has given you enough clarity on the main factors so you can choose the perfect trolley for you.

With so many excellent choices available from the best brands around, Golfsupport has an array of trolleys to suit golfers of all budgets and requirements.

Aside from our trolleys, why not also check our in-depth buying guides for other key accessories like gloves, tees, and range finders.

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