Here’s Why Golf is Awesome

Why golf is awesome

Golf, as a sport, doesn’t receive the credit it deserves sometimes, it may not be as thrilling as formula one or as intense as rugby. But it has a certain charm, a gentleman’s game with pride, precision and power. Driving a ball over 300 yards is impressive, not to mention a hole in one. But that doesn’t happen every day, so people sometimes lose sight of the attraction the sport engineers.

Here are some of the coolest things to come out of the beautiful game in recent years to remind you:

The next best thing in course transportation is Bubba’s hover cart. That’s right, Bubba Watson teamed up with Oakley to bring the world its first golf hover cart. Don’t go round water hazards, sail through them. And with “a footprint pressure of 33 times less than the human footprint”, courses are left untouched. Unfortunately they are unavailable to purchase yet, but coming soon we’re sure.

why golf is awesome

Have you heard about the GolfBoard? No, well last year an American company forged mastery and wit to create the world’s first electronic golf trolley. At first it may have seemed a novelty, but these inventions have garnered a small following across the US. America brought us the Segway, and now they bring us the remote-controlled skateboard caddy. Great as a bit of fun, but it also means you can get round 18 holes in less time than usual, increasing the pace-of-play.

golf is awesome

Golf lessons costing you too much? No problem, here’s the Zepp golf sensor that tracks your swing using over 1000 data points. This gadget paired with the app depicts your swing in 3D to help players adjust hip movements, shoulder position and many other variables.

Golf clubs have evolved incredibly since the first wooden sticks used over 100 years ago. Hybrids came along in the late 1990s and were created through combining features of both woods and irons. The hybrid is an exceptional club, sometimes known as rescue clubs for getting players out of tight spots on the course. They are designed to be easier to hit and easier to loft than irons and with Callaway’s OptiFit technology the hybrid has been taken to a new level, providing eight settings of adjustability to change both loft and lie on the course.



Perhaps one of the less exciting toys of the golfing world, but still a very handy tool for any player is the laser range finder. Bushnell are the leading supplier of laser range finders that help golfers locate flagsticks and determine the yardage required for every shot. With 90% of PGA pros using this tech to improve their game.

This blog would not be complete without a compilation of the best shots ever made would it? Here are the best hole-in-ones from the PGA tour:



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