Sporting Stadiums Voted Spring’s Most Popular Wedding Venue

Wedding season in the UK traditionally extends from late May to September, with splendid summer months like July and August the preferred choice to promised lovers. But it is spring which brings a flurry of wedding invites through the letterbox!

Among one of the highest costs to couples, at an average of £5,819, is wedding venue hire. This inspired to consider the UK’s favourite spring wedding destinations. To accomplish this, Golf Support analysed Bridebook’s The UK Wedding Report 2017 which holds data from 3,928 newlyweds disclosing details on their nuptials.

It was found couples are increasingly more likely to opt for venues which provide an ‘all-in-one’ package. In fact, 59% of ceremonies took place in the reception venue in 2017 – a 6% rise on 2016. Thrifty newlyweds also note venues which include a food and drink service is a cost-effective way to wed, with the potential to save up to £1,000 by opting for a package of this type. For this reason, venues with in-house catering are 56% more popular than dry-hire venues.

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It was discovered the deciding factors when booking a venue are:

  1. “Stunning” views
  2. Professional and friendly staff
  3. Value for money
  4. Flexibility to personalise wedding with suppliers/styling

Further, it is expected couples will make an average 5.4 venue enquires and 2.8 venue visits, including a walk-round tour, before finalising their preferred venue.

In exploring the data, Golf Support found the most popular spring wedding venue to be Sporting Venue or Stadium – at 63%. This is followed by Museum or Attraction (32%) and Warehouse or Factory (32%.) Other popular venues include Castle (30%), Stately Home (29%) and Golf Course – at 28%.

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Gary Swift, managing director of comments:

“Spring is a wondrous time of year and to discover so many newlyweds opt to wed at a sporting venue or stadium is a lovely surprise. It may not be the conventional choice but it is certainly a memorable one.

Plus, venues of this kind are built for purpose. Often, they are easy to access, suited to house a merry crowd, and offered at the best-price, where a value deal can often be struck!”

A full breakdown of the most popular wedding venues by season can be found here:

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