Download the Galvin Green App to Play on a Ryder Cup Course


Let’s face the hard facts of our gloriously bipolar British weather. No matter how many times you check the weather forecast, it is subject to change. You are never guaranteed of good weather for a day at the golf course and so it has become a British custom to check the weather before you play.

Unfortunately, our British shores do not boast the tropical temperatures of Portugal and Italy and so we can only work with what we have. Layering is pretty much a necessity when you play golf, considering the weather can change a number of times during the day. Checking ahead is must-have and Galvin Green, one of the leading golf retailers in the world that is used by a number of PGA professionals has made the lives of every golfer that little bit easier with an app they introduced back in 2014.


The Galvin Green Dress for the Weather is free to download from any app store. The app unlike other golfing apps is one to store on your smartphone for when the weather is unpredictable and you need to plan your outfit accordingly. The app is an innovative concept that allows players to request a weather forecast for any location in the UK. So no matter where you play, the app has the forecast to determine your golf outfit of the day! Not only can you select UK forecast, you can also opt to look at six other countries of your choice. So if you’re planning a romantic getaway, stag do or a weekend with the lads abroad playing a game or two, the app will be the solution to your weather worries.

The Dress for the Weather feature offers three distinct layering options from the latest collections from Galvin Green. As a brand, Galvin Green is particularly famous and reputable for their multi-layering concept. The brand is focused on dressing for golf indoors and outdoors and for every layer you wear to be compatible with all climatic conditions. The Shell Layer is specifically designed with the purpose to protect golfers from rain and wind and to allow excess heat and moisture from a golfer’s body to be released. So once you have selected your area and its weather forecast, the app will select a number of layering items as a suggestion of what to wear from 50 garments. Once the suitable layers have been selected, the app will advise you where the closest retailer is to purchase your Galvin Green gear.

Brand manager Nicholai Stein, has commented that ‘the app helps golfers stay ahead by layering up with the most effective clothing on the market’.

Here at Golfsupport, we are huge fans of Galvin Green and can’t get enough of their golf clothing! So we are giving our customers the opportunity to win a trip to play three legendary golf courses from past Ryder Cup venues.

All you have to do, is simply download the Galvin Green App and share your best golfing moments! Use the #galvingreenmoment and you could win this fantastic prize!

And as the weather dramatically improves (or at least we hope it’s here to stay), using the Dress to Weather app will significantly improve your play, as you will be equipped with the suitable attire to ensure you get as many holes in one as possible!

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