The ClubV1 Members Hub App Ready to Revolutionise the Golfing World


The ClubV1 Members Hub, has just become a prize asset or technological miracle, with its recent release on the Apple IOS Store, and respectively, on Android tablet and smartphones. This application will not only extract all the juicy details your local golfing club provides, but will determine how much of a specialist you are on the course.

This latest digital advancement is owned by Manchester firm, Club Systems International or better known as CSI. CSI has cemented their competitive status within the golfing industry, by becoming the most efficient pioneer in Golf management across Europe, and delivering superior IT solutions over the last 35 years.

So, what can The ClubV1 Members hub present golfing enthusiasts sharp pointing eyes with?

This remarkable application will source your individual handicap, present your actual handicap certificate, any online tops you have purchased, subscription balances you have, and the most fundamental aspect of your golfing day; the tee bookings filled in. Golf Business has investigated how the ClubV1 Members Hub, will efficiently gather golfing fanatics information, even if they are registered to more than one golfing club. All the user has to do; is log into whichever club they want to focus upon, and then switch between the various clubs they might be registered or interested in.

Maureen Broker, who happens to be the secretary of London And Home Counties or merely recognisable as GCMA, has insightfully provided her interpretation of what The ClubV1 Members Hub offers the public eye. She summarises the application to be a “breath of fresh air”, and comments upon the accessibility the application seems to excel in, by explaining, it “can be used from anywhere with a good internet connection is just brilliant.”

Judging by Broker’s favourable remarks and appreciation of the game changing application, it’s evident as to why more than 1,100 golf clubs across the UK and Ireland, would employ this user friendly interactive product. Updating features is always a fundamental requirement to any application of customer use, and the ClubV1 will ensure they enhance their competition management software, once the golfing season gets underway in 2018.

It will also become a surreal dream for beloved golf members to experience during the 2018 season, as leader boards will be implemented in real-time. Thus, the traditional days of marking down your score for each hole becomes eradicated, and none of your friends can cheaply edit their actual numbers after walking off the 18th.


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Simon Carless, who is a member of Shrigley Hall Golf Club, adds a very humorous but valid explanation as to why The ClubV1 Members Hub, is continuously easing the direct communication engaged between the customer, and their usage of the application. “I closed the application on my iPhone, while having a beer on the train, it’s great”. From his rather witty and simplicity statement, it comes as no shock to why the golfing expert can roam with the application on the move, and explore the Hub in any given scenario.

By the advancing technology and creative innovations, The Club V1 Members Hub can offer, it is also fundamentally significant to analyse comparable golfing applications which are industrialising the golfing spectrum. as well. Since, 18Birdies is a course qualified database which extracts over 35,000 destinations, and the realism presented through this application is so amazingly surreal, due to precise GPS controlled technology envisioning every angle of the hole you wish to view.

As conceptual as 18Birdies aims to be, Shot Tracer could perhaps verify a more superhero feel towards the golfer’s style of play. This is in consideration of the pro tracer technology implemented into the app, and decisively recording the footage of your imperial swing. The application retails at a moderate £6.99 and is instantly downloadable from the App store. Golfers will be able to gain an excitable enhancement, especially by the app resourcing tremendous track and trace graphics, to carefully archive your exceptional drives sky rocketing down the fairway.

For most golfing beloved devotees, they are constantly engaged within the latest ground breaking news and adoringly follow the events which are televised. Henceforth, The PGA have outreached their active gripping details on mobile application stores, and will provide their informative audiences the latest activities surrounding your highly ranking golfers, analytical data which carefully examines the game, and actual footage of the heavyweight live events, including highlights.

For further expansion and to considerably market this excellent product, roadshows have been dotted placed throughout the calendar year, and golfing programmes across the country will be able to witness the developing success across 20 events.

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