The Best Golfing Pranks

Happy Friday! We thought to celebrate the shorter, four-day week, we’d share some of the funniest (and harmless) golfing pranks that had been played on unsuspecting members of the public. From trick golf balls to moving flags; these pranks are sure to get your sunshine-promised weekend into full swing!


Moving Golf Hole Prank

Golfers were perplexed to find that the flag marking the golf hole appeared to move every time they took their eye off it! With the aid of a remote control car, the pranksters were able to relocate the flag in a new position, making it impossible for golfers to locate where they should be taking their shot. After a few attempts however, the pranksters revealed themselves and the joke was taken in good sporting spirit!


Matt Lauer’s Car Ball Prank

Although this prank made use of ping-pong balls, rather than golf balls, we thought we’d share it with the golfing community. Unsuspecting television host, Ellen DeGeneres returned to her car to find it filled from dashboard to boot with thousands of ping pong balls, after a long stream of pranks against journalist, Matt Lauer. On opening the car, the balls come flooding out, and Ellen has to crawl through them in order to move about!


Annoying Golf Ball Machine Prank

This Top Golf prank is simply brilliant. Almost everyone has experienced a vending machine that has refused to offer the desired goods after the vendor has paid. However, this prank takes things to a whole new level! After having produced one or two balls into the golfer’s buckets, the machine appears to stop. The golfers, giving up, are then surprised to find the machine starting up again, with hilarious consequences.


Exploding Golf Ball Prank

Joke golf balls are now available from online stores such as, and can either explode, vanish, eject a streaming ribbon behind it, or act up for the unsuspecting golfer. In this particular video, the golf’s friends set him up with an exploding golf ball.


Trick Golf Ball Prank

Similar to the un-puttable ball mentioned above, this remote control golf ball appears to have a mind of its own to families playing at their local crazy golf course. For some, their golfing skills appear to improve drastically, as the ball veers into the ball when originally drastically off course. For others, the ball is somewhat more stubborn and decides to avoid a hole-in-one, returning back to the golfer! And for some, they find it hard to get the ball to stay still to attempt to put it at all!


Just for Laughs Golfing Pranks

To finish, we have a final Just For Laughs Golf Compilation video which showcases some of the funniest pranks pulled on golfers. From water jets to car window mishaps; these videos are brilliantly funny, and are sure to brighten your day!



We hope you’ve enjoyed the best golfing pranks videos. Here’s to a weekend full of sunshine and golf!

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