8 Christmas Presents Real Golfers Will Never Use


Christmas is officially here – well in less than one month! The anxiety and panic caused by the minefield of deciding which Christmas presents to get friends and family is only beginning to kick in. For those of your loved ones who are golf enthusiasts, there are numerous novelty gifts available which may seem like the perfect idea but in reality are less than useful. Though they leave many golfers without a real use, they will be sure to put a smile on their faces.

Here’s Golf Support guide to 8 Christmas presents real golfers will never use.

Novelty Golf Balls

Golf balls are serious business. When a golfer shakes their present to hear the noticeable rattle of golf balls, their expectations are sky high. But when they wrestle through the wrapping paper to find that they are just novelty golf balls, they will only see the ‘fun’ or ‘quirky’ side. The novelty golf balls may not help develop their game, but they will definitely add a lighthearted quality to a fun round of golf with the family!


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Golf Ball Monogrammer

It looks similar to a nutcracker but is in fact a golf ball-marking accessory. Firstly, an ink transfer tape is placed on the inside of the device, then the golf ball is placed in between the clamps and then closed to print the letters on it. The main aim of the device is to allow golfers to personalise their golf balls so they are easily identifiable. This is a great Christmas gift for a golfer who doesn’t mind standing out with a personalised golf ball; and for those who need the help to find their ball when it’s been shot a long distance in the air.


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Golf Themed Tie

Golfers usually tend to be stereotyped as old businessmen. So naturally people would think a golf themed tie would be an ideal present, since they would need it for their everyday attire (suit). Golf themed ties is a quirky and festive addition to your golfing uniform when on the golf course and can be a great way to show off your personality and flair on the course, when competing. Perhaps wear the tie for your upcoming Christmas golf club party?


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Golf Jumpers

Colourful and bright. Those are the two words which come to mind when describing Golf jumpers. Tacky is also the typical adjective to describe Christmas Jumper Day, but with Christmas only a month away, perhaps this amusing golf xmas jumper is a great way to kick of the festive season, by raising money for Save The Children, which is December 16. Don’t be afraid to release your inner childish manner when fashioning this jumper on the course – but be warned, it won’t be worn by golfers throughout the year otherwise!


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Personalised Golf Socks

Everyone has a pair of their ‘go-to’ socks, whether it is their favourite colour, or their favourite football team or the days of the week, but ever considered a fun pair of personalised golf socks suitable for your fun-loving golf lover! They do say socks are at the heart of a great British present, so why not gift someone who is a fanatic golf fan, with this pair of socks, which may act as a piece of putting luck when given a chance!

And let’s be honest, as fun as personalised golf socks for an avid golfer may be, they may not prove as practical against the golf course wind, here are a few other options we can provide.


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Personalised Golf Mug

Golf and tea and are two of Britain’s quintessential characteristics and it would be wrong to suggest golfers don’t like a good cup of tea. So to celebrate the art of being a true Brit, why not add this golfer’s tea mug to someone’s Christmas gift selection this year. The ‘Tea before Tee’ mug is hand-painted with watercolours and ink design and printed in a studio in London. The mug is great gift for anyone who likes to play a game of golf or even watch their loved ones doing so!

If you’re looking for a couple of more ‘serious’ golf mugs suitable for a golfer who needs a continuous top up of tea, then take a look at some of our classic options.


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Golf Club Head Cover

We use an emoji to describe everything we do nowadays on social media. So why not make your game of golf as enjoyable and exciting as possible, with this high-quality emoji head cover for your golf clubs. With a comical and practical purpose to it, this golf club head cover is a great way of accessorising your expensive golf clubs from the winter breeze and from the summer sunshine. The head cover is there to fit all drivers up to 460cc, so there’s no need to worry if it doesn’t fit. Not to mention, if you’re an avid fan of the game and need some cheering up on a dreary wintry day, this has a large selection of wild animal head covers will definitely put a smile on your face!


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Golf Toilet Game Set

Going to the bathroom is somewhat of a ritual for many men, who seem to spend a significant length of time…doing something. And we all know that magazines and books are a toilet must-have accessory, so instead of gifting a member of your family with the latest Dan Brown book, why not gift them with a toy to satisfy their golfing desires; the Potty Putter. This toilet game allows you to practice your putting whilst going to the bathroom. The game comes complete with a putting green, a cup with a flag, two golf balls, a putter and most importantly a ‘do not disturb’ sign. So if the only time you get to practice in peace and quiet is in the bathroom, this game may never see you leave.


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